EVENT: On behalf of the Bruderhof communities, Johann Christoph Arnold is participating in An International Interreligious Colloquium: The Complementarity of Man and Woman in Rome, taking place November 17–19, 2014. Invited by the Vatican, Johann Christoph Arnold and his wife Verena are joining Pope Francis and religious leaders and scholars from around the world to explore what their diverse faiths teach about “the complementarity of man and woman” and to provide encouragement to people everywhere who seek to build strong marriages and families. READ MORE

Johann Christoph Arnold's statement given at the Colloquium in the Vatican on Monday, November 17, 2014. READ STATEMENT

Founded in 1920 in Germany, the Bruderhof is an international communal movement of families and single men and women who seek to put into action Christ’s command to love God and neighbor.

Like the first Christians described in Acts 2 and 4, we feel called to a way of life in which all are of one heart and soul, no one possesses anything, and everything is shared in common. We also draw inspiration from the Anabaptists of the Reformation era who revived the early Christian example of discipleship in full community.