There are more than twenty Bruderhofs worldwide. About half of these are like self-contained villages of 150-300 people. Children attend daycare and elementary school on the grounds, and adults work in communal departments such as the laundry, kitchen, school, or work shop. Gatherings for meals, prayer and singing are the focal point for each day.

In addition to these larger communities, we have over a dozen smaller households in urban areas including New York, Albany, St Petersburg, London and Asuncion.


The natural environment as God’s creation is important to our community, and we believe in protecting the environment, including, where possible, using sustainable agriculture, producing meat and vegetables free of chemicals and preserving and recycling materials.

We strive to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible through shared use of assets like cars. We continue to explore other ways of reducing our impact on the environment such as through the use of solar power and geothermal heating. And our manufacturing businesses work hard to stay as environmentally responsible as possible.