Sep 2 Open Day

Has The Benedict Option Made You Consider Community?


Rod Dreher’s latest book, The Benedict Option, has generated a buzz recently. Whether or not you agree with its ideas, the book raises important questions about the nature of Christian communities and their relationship with the culture surrounding them. Has it led you to consider some form of intentional community?


If you’re interested in experiencing Christianity as a way of life, not a religion, we’d love to connect. Join us at the Fox Hill Bruderhof Community for a day of work, fun, and conversation. In our current Benedict Option Series, we’re looking at some of Dreher’s ideas on themes such as education, work, stability, and hospitality; here you’ll see those concepts lived out radically. Sign up below to join us for a day as we seek to practice discipleship to Jesus in full community.


Although Dreher proposes some new ways for Christians to band together, the idea of community is not a new one. Since the first church in Jerusalem, many Christians have seen communal living not only as a response to an increasingly hostile mainstream culture, but as the way Jesus commanded his followers to live. As one of many intentional Christian communities, the Bruderhof is not a lifestyle choice. It is an answer to Jesus’ demanding call as expressed in the Sermon on the Mount. While we follow the communal traditions of the early church, we believe our way of life is a compelling answer to the problems of contemporary society.

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Christianity is a way of living, not a religion.


By Road: We are located just off Rte 208, near the intersection of I-84 and I-87.

By Train: Take the Metro North to either Beacon or Poughkeepsie; we can arrange pick up at either station if you want to travel by train.

By Plane: If you're flying, Stewart International Airport is 10 minutes down the road from us, and Westchester Airport is not too far either.


If you are coming from a distance and think you will need overnight accommodations, let us know, and we'll work together to arrange it!


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