Baptism on the Bruderhof

Baptism by water symbolizes dying, being reborn, and rising with Christ to a new life of righteousness. Through baptism, sins are washed away and one is filled with the Holy Spirit. For Bruderhof members, baptism is an individual declaration of faith and is the most important step one can take as a Christian. Baptism constitutes complete personal renewal. It involves repentance, seeking forgiveness for sins, and a commitment to follow Christ for life. As such, it is an adult decision.

Among those born into the Bruderhof, a request for baptism typically occurs in young adulthood, but it can happen for anyone at any stage of life. It is necessary to have been baptized to become a Bruderhof member, but we also support and can offer baptism for seeking Christians who are not planning to become members. All baptismal candidates undertake a period of study and prayerful preparation, meeting with pastors and other members to examine such a commitment. 

An image of newly baptized young adults at the Bruderhof