Darvell Community • Robertsbridge, East Sussex

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Brightling Road
East Sussex TN32 5DR
United Kingdom
Tel:  01580 883300
Email:  darvell@bruderhof.com

Population: 300
Established: 1971

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About Us:
Darvell is the oldest and most populous Bruderhof settlement in Europe. We are similar to other large communities in that we are made up of a mix of families and singles, young and old. Bruderhof children attend our elementary school, and adults work within the settlement. A workshop and showroom for the Community Playthings business is located here. CP manufactures classroom and play equipment, and many customers visit our Darvell showroom to see the products and plan their learning environments.


Our community is located in the hills of East Sussex, about one hundred kilometers south of London, near the southern England coastline. The rolling hills that immediately surround Darvell include woods and hedge-lined fields, usually grazed by sheep and cows. On our property you’ll find brick apartment buildings and communal buildings including a dining hall, meeting room, kitchen, laundry, school, offices, and factory. From 1920 until we purchased the property in 1971, the property was used as a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients.

Connecting with Neighbors:
We welcome friends and neighbors to join us most Saturdays for communal dinners, and we often have seasonal events open to the public. We also occasionally offer our Woodcrest Room facility, free of charge, to local social enterprises who need a place to meet. Some Darvell members volunteer at a local soup kitchen, and we work in conjunction with local churches and charities to do other social outreach projects. We also coordinate Breaking the Cycle assemblies, a program of violence prevention and conflict resolution founded by the Bruderhof.

Point of Interest:
Part of our property used to be a Mesolithic campsite. When we are playing or digging we occasionally find ancient relics: chipped flint pieces, tools from the Stone Age, fossils, and pottery fragments.

Darvell Community Events

Saturday Dinner

Sep 5 Dinner

Join us for Dinner every Saturday at 6:30. Please RSVP!

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Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

The Bruderhof has an open-door policy. No matter who you are, we are delighted to meet and spend time with you. All Bruderhof communities host both drop-in and overnight guests every week. Some visits are purely social; others are deep explorations of faith and possible membership. Some visits involve ice cream and horse-cart rides; others revolve around spiritual conversations and guidance. Whatever your visit will be, we look forward to getting to know you! 

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