Fox Hill Community • Walden, NY

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Fox Hill
151 Bowne Dr.
Walden, NY 12586
United States
Tel: 845-778-7561

Population: 200
Established: 1999

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About Us:
Fox Hill is similar to other large Bruderhof settlements, made up of a lively mix of families and singles, young and old, who live, work, and worship together. Bruderhof children attend our elementary school, and adults work within the settlement, including a workshop for Community Playthings. Plough Publishing House is also run from here.

Located about seventy-five miles north of New York City near the village of Walden, the Fox Hill Bruderhof community is set among rolling fields that used to be horse and dairy farms. The sprawling property has two small lakes, low areas, and high lookouts with expansive views of the Hudson Highlands to the east; to the west we can see the Catskill Mountains and Shawangunk Ridge. On the property you’ll see several apartment buildings and communal buildings, such as the dining hall, the laundry, the elementary school, and the Community Playthings workshop. Gravel roads connect the residences and other buildings. We do a lot of walking! And when we’re in the mood to go jogging, we utilize an old, half-mile horseracing track, maintained for that purpose.

Connecting with Neighbors:
Though we are in a relatively secluded setting, our proximity to the village of Walden encourages active participation in village life, where we attend local festivals, farmers markets, and holiday parades. We help out at food pantries and with the Meals on Wheels run by Orange County Office for the Aging. We join with area churches for interfaith services and work projects. Many local elementary schools visit us during maple sapping season. And Fox Hill hosts seasonal events open to the public, such as Christmas caroling and a fall barbeque. As always, visitors are welcome at our Saturday night communal dinners for friendship and conversation.

Point of Interest:
Part of our property is used for raising cows, and Fox Hill provides the beef for all the New York Bruderhof locations.

Fox Hill Events

Bruderhof for a Day At Fox Hill

May 6 Open Day

Interested in Christianity as a way of living rather than a religion?

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Celebrate Life!

May 20 Conference

Please join us at Fox Hill for an afternoon of communal fun and fellowship to Celebrate Life!

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Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

The Bruderhof has an open-door policy. No matter who you are, we are delighted to meet and spend time with you. All Bruderhof communities host both drop-in and overnight guests every week. Some visits are purely social; others are deep explorations of faith and possible membership. Some visits involve ice cream and horse-cart rides; others revolve around spiritual conversations and guidance. Whatever your visit will be, we look forward to getting to know you! 

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