Woodcrest Community • Rifton, NY

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2032 Route 213
Rifton, NY 12471
United States
Tel: 845-658-7700
Email:  woodcrest@bruderhof.com

Population: 320
Established: 1954

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About Us:
Woodcrest is the oldest Bruderhof community in the United States. We are similar to other large settlements in that we are made up of a lively mix of families and singles, young and old. Bruderhof children attend our elementary school, and adults work within the settlement.


Easily accessible from Interstate 87, Woodcrest is located about ninety miles north of New York City in the bucolic Hudson Valley. We enjoy stunning views of the Catskill Mountains and the Shawangunk Ridge. On our Ulster County acreage we have apartment buildings and other common buildings, including an elementary school, laundry facility, medical clinic, dining hall, and administrative offices. A workshop for the Rifton Equipment business is located here. And down the road you’ll find our mostly organic farm, which provides the majority of Woodcrest’s produce.

Connecting with Neighbors:
We regularly welcome friends and neighbors for communal dinner on Saturday evenings, and we host seasonal, public events throughout the year, such as a summer barbecue and carol singing around Christmas. During the summer, children from the local Boys and Girls Club come to enjoy gardening and outdoor games. In conjunction with local towns or nonprofits, you might find us repairing a bridge, building a playground, or replacing a roof. Woodcrest is also blessed to be located near the eight-thousand-acre Mohonk Preserve, a true New York jewel; we help maintain trails and participate in mountain bike safety patrols on weekends.

Point of Interest:
Over the years, our elementary students have built a straw-bale house to experiment with alternative building methods and sustainability.

Woodcrest Events

Saturday Dinner

Oct 10 Dinner

Join us for Dinner every Saturday at 6:30. Please RSVP!

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Bible Study

Oct 3 Service

Join us for our weekly dinner and Bible study!

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Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

The Bruderhof has an open-door policy. No matter who you are, we are delighted to meet and spend time with you. All Bruderhof communities host both drop-in and overnight guests every week. Some visits are purely social; others are deep explorations of faith and possible membership. Some visits involve ice cream and horse-cart rides; others revolve around spiritual conversations and guidance. Whatever your visit will be, we look forward to getting to know you! 

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Voices Blog

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Remembering Margrit Zimmerman

The Town of New Paltz recently dedicated a new park pavilion to the memory of Woodcrest resident Margrit Zimmerman, the 45-year-old mother of five who died in March 2015 after a prolonged bout with cancer, and to Kyle Brewer, a local high student...

Paul and Laurel Arnold walking together in their later years

Laurel Arnold

In 1960, Laurel and Paul inherited land in Gardiner, and made plans to build a home. But they decided to first take their children to the Bruderhof for a longer visit, to discern if that was where their real calling lay. They never left. In Laurel’s...

Two young men from the Bruderhof team playing soccer with some of the refugee boys

Snapshots from Lesbos


Whenever I have a minute to sit down with my laptop, I’m often at a loss for what to tell you. It feels like every day here on Lesbos deserves at least three pages. Every person I meet deserves to have their story told. All the children I’ve played...