O u r C a lling 5 not want a religion that seeks the future of humanity only beyond this earth and pacifies people with mere spirituality. No, we and all humankind need to receive help here and now. Jesus seeks to transform the entirety of our world, including the economic, the social, and all other aspects of life. His commands are practical: to forgive unconditionally; to renounce all violence; to stay faithful in lifelong marriage; to live free from wealth; to serve as the least and lowest; and to give up all power over others. His teaching is not an impossible ideal, but is truly good news: the news that the despair and death that rule the present age can be overcome through a life lived according to perfect love. It is Jesus himself who brings this about. In him, the Messiah, God’s reign has already begun on earth, and when he comes again he will establish it fully, redeeming all creation. He promises: “Behold, I make all things new.” Church Community 6 To live for the kingdom of God leads to church community. God wants to gather a people on earth who belong to his new creation. He calls them out to form a new society that makes his justice and peace tangible. Among them private property falls away, and they are united in a bond of solidarity and equality in which each one says: Whatever I have belongs to the others, and if I am ever in need, they will help me. Then Jesus’ words can come true: “Do not be anxious, John 10:10 2 Cor 10:5 Matt 28:18 John 14:23–24 Luke 18:26–30 Luke 7:18–23 1 Jn 2:5–11 Luke 4:17–21 Matt 1:1–17; John 1:35–51 Rom 8:18–25; Rev 21:5 Is 65:17–25 1 Jn 4:20–21 Luke 13:34–35; Gen 12:1–3 Is 42:6–7; 60:1–3 2 Cor 3:5–6; 5:17–21 Luke 6:34–38 2 Cor 8:13–15 1 Jn 3:16–17; Deut 15:4–8 Matt 6:31–33