H e r i t a ge 23 the internment of its German nationals or to leave the country. Determined to remain together, almost all members of the community – mostly city-raised Europeans – emigrated to Paraguay. There they spent the next twenty years as pioneer farmers in a harsh, unfamiliar climate, while also founding a hospital that served thousands of local patients. Three members remained in England and soon were building up a new community there as dozens of newcomers continued to arrive. In 1954, the first American community was founded in Rifton, New York. Today there are Bruderhof communities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Paraguay, and Australia. Forerunners 25 We look for our example to the first church founded at Pentecost in Jerusalem.* Here the Spirit worked with unique power, leading Christians to share all they had, to serve the city’s poor, and to proclaim the gospel boldly. We believe that this first church community’s life and teaching demonstrate what God’s will is for humankind. The church in Jerusalem was eventually dispersed through persecution. Yet its spirit could not be quenched. It lived on even after the death of the * Eberhard Arnold, The Early Christians after the Death of the Apostles (Die ersten Christen nach dem Tode der Apostel, 1926; published in English 1970). Acts 2—7