H e r i t a ge 27 pastors. Both men approached all questions of life – whether the personal needs of those they counseled or broader social and political ills – with the ­conviction that Jesus is victor. They fervently expected that God’s kingdom would soon become a reality on earth, bringing redemption not just to an elect few but to all humankind. The Blumhardts’ bold attitude of faith and expectation of the kingdom continue to inspire and guide us.* 30 The European Youth Movements (1896–1925). Our community was founded in the midst of a wave of youth movements that swept Germany, Austria, Poland, and Switzerland in the years preceding the rise of National Socialism. Though the young people in these movements held diverse political and religious views, they shared certain common convictions. They rejected materialism and the formalities of social and class-based conventions in favor of genuineness, freedom, equality, and simplicity. They loved hiking, the outdoors, folk culture, and life on the land. Many of them pioneered new approaches to education and work, and – influenced by Jewish philosopher and pacifist Gustav Landauer – saw community as the answer to poverty and social need. By the early 1920s, youth movement ideals were being lived out in more than a hundred communities across Germany, as well as * Friedrich Zündel, Pastor Johann Christoph Blumhardt ( Johann ­Christoph Blumhardt: ein Lebensbild, 1882; published in English 2010); Christoph Blumhardt and His Message (Christoph Blumhardt und seine Botschaft, 1938; published in English 1963). Col 2:13–15 Acts 2:17–21 Joel 2:28–32 Rev 21:3–5