F O U N D A T I O N S 28 in kibbutzim founded in the Holy Land by the Jewish branches of the movement. By 1925 the youth movements in Germany were on the wane, and political affiliations were robbing them of their earlier independence. After 1933 they were destroyed by Hitler’s regime, which co-opted their energy for its own ends. But their original genuineness and rigor, their emphasis on simplicity and respect for creation, remain essential to our community today. 31 Our particular movement will pass away, but the stream of life to which it belongs can never pass away. We want to remain part of this living stream of God’s spirit. This is possible only through an ever new encounter with Christ. As a church community and as individuals, we constantly need times of refreshing through him. God is the Lord of history; as he has ordered the destinies of the nations through the ages, faithfully caring for his covenant people, so he will continue to move and act today. We await his future: the day when he will fulfill all his promises, establishing his kingdom of peace and renewing creation. Rom 12:9; Phil 4:8–9 Matt 24:35 John 4:23–24 Acts 3:19–21 Deut 32:8; Job 12:13–25 Gen 17:1–8; Deut 7:6–11 Luke 24:44 Num 23:19; 2 Pet 3:9–13 Rev 21:5