C hu r ch O r d e r 31 baptism – that is, baptism after reaching the age of accountability, as taught in the New Testament – should consider that this is a command of Christ. The church community will recognize a prior baptism performed by another church so long as both we and the person concerned are convinced that the baptism was genuine. 35 God wants voluntary service. Vows may be taken only on the basis of a well-tested decision and without any human compulsion. Anyone who cannot make this commitment freely and voluntarily should leave it alone. No one should join for the sake of another – a man for the sake of a woman or a woman for the sake of a man, a friend for the sake of a friend, or children for the sake of their parents. Such a decision would be built on sand; it cannot endure. Instead, each one should build on the rock of Christ, seeking to please God alone. Birthright membership is thus out of the question. When young people who have grown up within our communities come of age, they must take time to discern God’s will for their lives, either requesting to remain with us or pursuing life experience elsewhere. No one should join for the sake of personal security. The sixteenth-century Hutterites warned those who came to them: “Each should first count the cost care- fully as to what he has to give up….Those who would enter God’s service must be prepared to be attacked and Mark 16:15–16 Matt 28:18–20 1 Pet 5:2; Exod 35:4—36:7 1 Cor 2:4–5 2 Cor 9:6–7; Deut 23:21–23 Gal 5:1 Matt 10:34–39 Matt 7:24–27 John 1:12–13; 3:5–8 Luke 9:57–58; 2 Cor 6:4–10 Luke 14:26–33