F O U N D A T I O N S 36 soul, and all your property, both that which you now possess and that which you may later inherit or earn? 4. Will you accept admonition, when justified, and will you yourself admonish others if you sense within our community life something that should be clearer or would more fittingly express the will of God? 5. Because a living church will always be a repenting church, do you affirm and uphold the practice of church discipline, and will you be ready to ask for it yourself if necessary?* 6. Are you firmly decided to remain loyal and true, bound with us in the service of love as brothers and sisters in building up church community, outreach to all people, and the proclamation of the gospel? Upon answering yes, the new member receives the laying on of hands in the prayer that God will fill him or her anew with the Holy Spirit. 41 Because vows of membership are made to God, no human being has the authority to dissolve them. Accordingly, if members leave our fellowship, the church community has no obligation to return any property or to remunerate them for the labor or anything else they may have contributed while they lived within it. To do so would violate the vow to * See Section 76 below. Acts 4:34–37 Matt 18:15–17 Luke 17:3–4; Col 3:15–16 Luke 15:7; Acts 3:17–26 1 Pet 4:17; Rev 2—3 2 Cor 7:8–13 Gal 6:9–10; Heb 10:23–25 Deut 23:21; Acts 5:4 Eccl 5:1–7