C hu r ch O r d e r 37 renounce all possessions. Any who are unsure about such a commitment should rather stay away, keep what is theirs, and leave us in peace. While we are accountable to God and our brothers and sisters for our vows, no one should remain in our church community who does not do so “with joy and to the delight of his soul.”* Members who leave our fellowship are provided with transitional support. Such assistance is not a right, but is offered at the ­discretion of the church community, as an expression of its continuing love. The Responsibility of Membership 42 The church community is made manifest through the body of all members worldwide under lifelong vows. To this body each member and each local community is accountable. In all it does it must act in deepest ­reverence for the Holy Spirit and for the mystery of Christ’s church. The convening of this body is referred to as a “worldwide membership meeting.” The membership of a local community (referred to as a “Bruderhof ”) is only a constituent part of the world- wide body of members. Following the example of the itinerant early Christians, members must be ready to live at any Bruderhof or any other place, as the needs of the church community as a whole may require. * “Ten Points: What the Church of God Is and How One Is Led into It,” church teaching included in the Hutterian baptismal instruction known as the Taufbüchlein (ca. 1528–1600). Luke 9:62 Luke 14:28–33 Acts 2:46–47 1 Cor 12:12–13 Acts 15:1–35 Eph 3 Mark 16:15; Acts 16—21