F O U N D A T I O N S 38 As part of this greater whole, each individual Bruder­ hof forms a distinct household, having a unique name, character, and expression. Each Bruderhof orders its own life as an individual fellowship of believers, yet in connection with its sister communities. 43 The worldwide body of members bears the final responsibility before God for the spiritual and temporal life of the church community: its faith, unity, mission, work, church order, daily life, deeds of charity, and the education and health in body and soul of everyone in the communal household. To carry out these responsibilities, the membership appoints individual members to various tasks of leader­ ship, giving them its trust and authorizing them to represent it inside and outside the church community. They are accountable to the body of members in the fear of God for the tasks entrusted to them. 44 In keeping with the biblical teaching of the priest- hood of all believers, the collective responsibility for the ­spiritual life of church community rests on each member individually, as a matter of conscience. Our common life belongs to Christ; each member must ensure that nothing but Christ’s love fills and guides us. No excuse relieves any member of this responsibility. If anything is wrong in the church community, every member without exception has the responsibility before God to work tirelessly to reestablish the rule of Rom 16:5; Col 4:15 1 Cor 16:15–19 Rom 15:23–33 Acts 6:1–7 Acts 11:29–30; 14:23 Exod 18 Heb 13:17 1 Pet 2:5–9 Eph 4:11–13 Jas 4:17; Rom 14:22–23 Heb 3:12–13; 10:24–25 Col 1:28–29