C hu r ch Ac t ions 61 Marriage is a great good, but not the greatest. For a believer, Christ must always come before everything, including the desire to marry (if single) or the commit- ment to one’s spouse (if married). In our communities, members can enter into marriage only with the blessing of the church community. Each of our marriages must be founded on a shared faith in Christ and dedicated to his service. At a wedding, bride and bridegroom promise never to follow each other in what is wrong, but to place obedience to Christ and his church above their bond to each other. This promise protects the foundation on which Christian marriage is built. 82 The New Testament speaks of the union of bride and bridegroom as a sacred mystery, a symbol of Christ’s love for the church. Jesus himself compared the kingdom of God to a wedding feast. Here we gain a glimpse of the deepest meaning of marriage: as a sign pointing to the coming of Christ’s perfect reign of love. Matt 19:10–12 1 Cor 7:39; 2 Cor 6:14–18 Eph 5:21 Luke 14:26 Eph 5:31–32 Hos 2:14–23 Matt 22:1–14; 25:1–13 Rev 19:6–7