Introductory Note From the New Testament church onward, Christians have testified to their faith through the written word. Following in that tradition the members of the Bruderhof, a Christian church community founded in 1920, have published Foundations of our Faith and Calling: 1. as a public account of the faith and life we share together; and 2. as a statement of the foundations and orders common to all Bruderhof communities through­out the world. Foundations is the outcome of discussion and study within the Bruderhof communities about the basis of our life together. The members took active part in drafting the text, providing comments, criticisms, and suggestions as the document gradually took shape. This period of reflection concluded with a meeting of all Bruderhof members world- wide on June 24, 2012, in which the members unanimously adopted Foundations. (Last amended January 27, 2014.) Since the members intend this to remain a living ­document, it may be amended in the same way as it was adopted. † vii