63 6 L I F E I N C O M M U N I T Y 83 The whole of life in church community must be a sacrament, a living symbol that illustrates God’s calling for humankind. We do not want to wait for peace and justice until the day of Christ’s return. We wish to demonstrate a shared life of work and worship in which the harmony of his coming kingdom can be seen and touched today, in our daily lives. Outwardly, our communal life will take a variety of forms, as the Spirit leads. Language, culture, and customs will differ with time and place. Some of our communities are rural, and others urban; some are made up of just a handful of members, while others number several hundred. Individual members may live away from our communities for months or years for the sake of spreading the gospel or undertaking some other assigned task. Yet pervading all these differences of circumstance will be the essential unity: our common Eph 3:10–11 Matt 6:33; 2 Cor 5:17–21 1 Pet 2:9–12 2 Pet 3:11–15; Exod 34:10