F O U N D A T I O N S 66 community. None of us receives a paycheck, stipend, or allowance from the church community. Once someone has become a member, all of his or her earnings and inheritances are given to the church community, and each receives necessities such as food, clothing, and housing. Each of us is accountable to the church community for money we spend. In our homes and daily lives, we seek to live frugally and give generously, to avoid excess, and to remain unfettered by materialism. In these practical ways we wish to witness that under the stewardship of the church, everything we have is available to anybody in need. This applies especially within our church community: no Bruderhof is to be richer or poorer than another. 87 Distinct legal entities with appropriate civil-law governance may be established to further the purposes of church community – for example, by holding title to property or operating businesses. Should any such entity ever be dissolved, however, no member would receive anything at all; any assets left would belong to the cause of Christ in church community and to the poor. The statutes of all legal bodies associated with our communities anywhere in the world reflect this understanding. 88 Each Bruderhof appoints a steward to oversee its temporal affairs and to make careful provision for the welfare of every person living within it. Stewards work 1 Tim 6:6–10; Heb 13:5–6 Luke 6:38; Prov 11:24–26 Matt 13:22–23; Luke 12:13–21 Acts 4:34–35 2 Cor 8:13–15 Acts 6:1–7