F O U N D A T I O N S 68 highly as the work of an expert technician or doctor. We are all brothers and sisters, none higher and none lower. Thus there can be no place in our common life for contractual obligations or relationships based on control, as between a master and servant. We are called to give witness to a different social and economic order based on faith, love, and mutual trust. 90 Because our work is integral to our calling, we cannot accept payment for it from the church community or from one another. Care in the form of food, housing, medical care, and other personal subsistence expenses is received not as a right or in proportion to services rendered, but according to need. Consistent with members’ vow of poverty and the faith and practice of our common life, all members, novices, and guests and their dependents who participate in the church community do so on a voluntary basis without expec- tation of wages, salary, vacation, or compensation of any kind. To work in the service of love is our joy. We contribute our talents and energies in whatever ways we are able until the end of our lives. Our vocation is not a trade or profession, but rather the common life itself; none of us has a career. We agree to work wherever we are needed, regardless of our preferences or prior training and experience, ready to change at any time from one task to another. Jas 2:1–9 Phlm 1:14–16 Matt 20:20–28 Acts 4:34–35 Luke 19:11–27; 1 Pet 4:10–11