L i f e in C o m m uni t y 69 91 Each Bruderhof appoints work distributors to ­coordi­nate the common work. They must attend to the welfare of all who work and ensure that those unable to work are cared for. 92 Income from the church community businesses is used to fulfill our mission: spreading the gospel, building up and sustaining community life, carrying on educational work, offering hospitality to visitors, and giving aid to the needy. Of necessity, these businesses engage with an economic system whose values can be at variance with those that guide our life within the church community. All the more, every enterprise of the church community must reflect and yield to our mission and witness, even at the expense of efficiency or profitability: Solidarity: Christ’s Golden Rule – to do to others as we would have done to ourselves – requires solidarity with all people and respect for their dignity as fellow human beings made in the image of God. To treat others merely as the means to an economic end is a sin. Ethical practice: Scripture requires that we act honestly, respecting the law of the land and having regard for the rights and needs of others. The way we conduct ­business ought to be a testimony to this. Workmanship: We strive to work industriously and to maintain a high quality of workmanship in all we do, as an expression of the love we put into our work. Luke 16:1–13 Matt 7:12 Is 10:1–4 Jas 5:1–6 2 Cor 8:16–21; 1 Pet 2:12–17 Prov 11:1 Deut 5:19–20 Prov 6:6–11 Exod 35:4—36:7