L i f e in C o m m uni t y 71 provided to all brothers, sisters, and children in the church community. Many of our Bruderhofs have doctors and dentists who provide professional care whenever this is appropriate, or support patients who require attention in a hospital. At the same time, we acknowledge the limits of medicine, particularly at the end of life, recognizing that ultimately our lifespan is determined by God. If a brother or sister decides to decline aggressive medical intervention, for example when facing a terminal illness, that decision is respected. All the more, such a person is surrounded by the prayers, care, and support of brothers and sisters. 95 Upon a death in our communities, brothers and sisters keep a constant watch around the one who has died during the time before burial, while as many as possible come to take leave. Then the church community gathers to do the last service of love: carrying the body to one of our burial grounds and laying it to rest in the earth until the day of resurrection. Children and the Family 96 Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Children belong at the heart of the church community, for they remind us what it means to trust and to be free of heart. We welcome every child, just as Jesus welcomed each one. In all children, and especially Matt 6:27 Job 1:20–21; Deut 32:39 1 Cor 15:51–57 Matt 19:14 Matt 21:16 1 Pet 2:1–3 Matt 18:1–6; Is 11:6