F O U N D A T I O N S 72 in the unborn, we recognize the link between human life and eternity. 97 The family of father, mother, and children is a creation of God and must be held sacred. Parents have the God-given task of raising their children in his stead. Reverence for this relationship between parent and child is the essence of true family life. Such families form the basic unit of church community. Our communities also include single-parent families. Single parents receive support from fellow members to ensure that their children grow up with both men and women as mentors and role models. Each family in the church community is provided with its own living quarters in which to make its home in an atmosphere of security and peace. It is important to us to make good use of time at home with our children, including daily meals around the family table, and to avoid work-related distractions and other interruptions. 98 Unmarried men and women form an integral part of our common life. Single people whose families live else- where are welcomed into one of the families in their community for meals, weekends, and holidays such as Christmas. We have reverence for the task of those members who remain single, whether by choice or by circumstance. They have a noble calling in the service of love, since Luke 1:39–45; Ps 139:13–14 Eccl 11:5; Matt 18:10 Gen 1:27–28; 2:21–25 Eph 6:1–4; Col 3:20–21 1 Cor 7:25–40