F O U N D A T I O N S 76 When young people who have grown up within our communities choose other paths in life, the church community will provide support on a case-by-case basis as they establish themselves on their own. We welcome continuing relationships with such young people, provided there is mutual respect. Whether they stay or go, our prayer is that they find God’s will in a life of service to others. The Individual in Community 104 Just as in a prism we can see the different colors of the spectrum, so in a fellowship of brothers and sisters we will find diverse reflections of God’s image. We rejoice in each of these, and reject all attempts to make people uniform. Since all are of equal worth, all must be free to be themselves. The more originality there is among us, the more vibrant our fellowship will be. At the same time, we must distinguish between healthy self-determination – being true to one’s conscience – and the self-centered individualism that sees everything from its own perspective and seeks its own advantage. While the former is vital in a living community, the latter will destroy it. 105 Jesus called his disciples “friends” and openly shared his heart with them. In the same way, we should be friends to one another, appreciating each other just as we are with brotherly and sisterly affection. Phil 1:9–11 1 Cor 12 Rom 15:7 Phil 2:1–5 John 15:14–15 R0m 12:10