L i f e in C o m m uni t y 77 Each of us has certain natural gifts that make us unique. But in themselves these are neither a help nor a hindrance in serving Christ. We must be liberated from the whole idea of measuring our own worth, so that we are neither conceited about our achievements nor plagued by feelings of inferiority for our deficits. We each must give our all. 106 In the outward expression of our life together, we seek independence from the conformist pressures of consumer culture. Though it appears to offer bound­- less choice, it is in fact often artificial and hostile to the growth of true individuality and integrity. That is why in our manner of dress we reject trends and fashions, driven as they so often are by status- seeking and the exploitation of sexuality. Members dress in a manner that expresses our values of simplicity, equality, and modesty, in reverence for the way God created man and woman different from each other yet both in his image. 107 The only sure basis for individual integrity is a living relationship with Christ. Our life together in church community will wither away unless each of us remains personally connected with him. For this reason, times of quiet alone before God are ­ important for every brother and sister. Each one has to find the right rhythm between silence and fellowship, that is, between encountering God in solitude or through community with others. Eph 2:10 Phil 3:3–11 Eph 2:8–10 Matt 25:14–30 Luke 21:1–4 Rom 12:1–2; Jas 4:4 1 Jn 2:15–17 Matt 6:28–33 1 Pet 3:1–5; Jas 2:1–8 1 Cor 11:2–16 Phil 1:21; Col 3:1–3 John 15:1–8 Mark 1:29–39; Matt 14:22–23