81 7 C O N C L U S I O N We give all honor to God, knowing that our life together is nothing unless it is filled with his love and continually renewed by his mercy. As Christ commanded, we await the coming of the kingdom and desire to hasten it on. Our waiting cannot be passive or somber. Christ promises that those who truly expect his kingdom will be filled with his power and joy. He will help them do away with all ­compromise and resignation to the status quo. He will enable them to live already now in the love and justice of his coming kingdom. We pray that through Christ what is great and eternal will take hold of us in such a way that it transforms all that is small.* Christ’s spirit can overwhelm every person, one after the other, until his kingdom fills * Eberhard Arnold, 20 July 1922. 1 Cor 13 Matt 24:36—25:46 2 Pet 3:11–13 Phil 4:4–9 Acts 1:6–8 John 16:23–33 1 Jn 5:3–5 Rev 21; Ezek 37 Col 1:9–14; Eph 1:15–23 2 Cor 4:16–18 Heb 12:1–3 Joel 2:28–32