1 1 B A S I S O F O U R FA I T H 1 Our life together is founded on Jesus, the Christ and son of God. We desire to love him, to follow him, to obey his commandments, and to testify in word and deed to the coming of his kingdom here on earth. 2 Our faith is grounded in the Bible, the authoritative witness to the living Word of God. Through the Holy Spirit, we seek to be guided in all things by the New and Old Testaments. 3 We hold to the teaching and example of the early Christians and affirm the apostolic rule of faith in the triune God as stated in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. 4 We stem from the Anabaptist tradition, but feel akin to all who are pledged to full discipleship of Jesus. We recognize his power to work in all people, regardless of their creed or walk of life. John 1:1–14; 14:6; Col 1:15–20 1 Cor 3:11; Luke 6:47–49 John 14:15; Rom 10:8–15 Matt 6:9–10 2 Tim 3:14–17 Matt 5:17–19; Is 55:10–11 Luke 24:25–47; 2 Pet 1:19–21 Deut 6:4–9 Acts 2:42–47 Eph 2:19–20 Matt 28:19 1 Jn 2:5–6 John 1:9; 10:16 Acts 17:24–28; Ps 67