Inside the Bruderhof – BBC Documentary

Want to know more about the community featured in the BBC documentary, Inside the Bruderhof? A good place to start might be our FAQs. To better understand why we choose to follow Jesus by living in community together, read Foundations of our Faith and Calling. Browse a photo essay paired with 100 stories of members at Another Life Is Possible.

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Your questions about the Bruderhof answered

Since COVID has reduced the options for visits to our communities for the time being, we’re trying something new. You’re welcome to join up to fifteen other participants for a one-hour discussion with a member of the Bruderhof. A short presentation about our community and why we choose to live the way we do will be followed by a question and answer session so you can ask about the things that interest you.

It's certainly not as good as a real visit, but hopefully the next best thing! Sign up for a slot that works for you – times are shown in your local time zone.


What is the Bruderhof?

We're an intentional Christian community with locations worldwide. We try to love our neighbor and share everything, so that peace and justice become a reality.

Find out more about the Bruderhof.

Another Life Is Possible - 100 years of life together at the Bruderhof

Emma: My visit to Darvell Bruderhof
(More visitor stories here.)

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