Inside the Bruderhof – documentary

Want to know more about the community featured in the documentary, Inside the Bruderhof, which aired on BBC and ABC? A good place to start might be our FAQs. To better understand why we choose to follow Jesus by living in community together, read Foundations of our Faith and Calling. Browse a photo essay paired with 100 stories of members at Another Life Is Possible.

Learn more about our Australian communities in New South Wales and Brisbane.

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What is the Bruderhof?

We're an intentional Christian community with locations worldwide. We try to love our neighbor and share everything, so that peace and justice become a reality.

Find out more about the Bruderhof.

Another Life Is Possible - 100 years of life together at the Bruderhof

Leigh: "Visiting the Bruderhof is like visiting family." (More visitor stories.)

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