Caring in Community

In caring for each other, we remember especially those with burdens to carry: widows and widowers, orphans, the disabled and sick, those with mental and emotional ailments, and those who are lonely. We embrace the opportunity to demonstrate compassion in these circumstances.

Safeguarding Our Children

We are committed to providing a safe environment for all children who live or attend school on the Bruderhof. We have adopted a Safe Environment policy which is followed at all Bruderhof communities as well as in all Bruderhof schools.

Single People

In many parts of society single people can feel isolated and alone. In the Bruderhof community they are honored and respected in their singleness. Younger singles are typically welcomed into a family to share meals and activities when the single doesn’t have other plans. Older singles are also welcomed into a family but will also often have their own apartment where they can welcome guests and visitors.


Vivian Warren

I didn’t choose celibacy, but through the grace of God I have learned to see the blessing in it.”

Read Vivian Warren's reflections on singleness in community.


People with Disabilities

The Bruderhof views each person with disabilities as a gift from God, to be valued and cherished. We will go to any length to ensure that each person is cared for and included in the community throughout his or her life. That includes as much work and social participation as is possible. The young people in our community help care for and look after those with disabilities – a growth and life experience that profoundly touches many of our youth.

The Elderly

As members age, they continue to intimately participate in the lives of their extended families. There are always young people around to both assist and draw guidance from the elderly in our community. In modern society, the elderly can become invisible, and it can be difficult to support someone’s physical and mental needs inside the family. In the Bruderhof, every older person lives in and is cared for in his or her own home. Seniors continue to feel valued by working as many hours per day as they are able, typically doing so in the company of their friends. They are a tremendous resource, and we look to them constantly for counsel, wisdom, and perspective.

 a young man and woman pushing a grandmother's wheelchair across the beach

Health Care

We are grateful for the God-given help of medical science to preserve life and alleviate suffering. Our larger settlements have health-care clinics and dental clinics on-site, run by Bruderhof clinicians and administrators. Our health-care clinics act as primary care providers, practicing preventative care including regular check-ups and vaccinations, and treating anything we can handle on-site, such as setting a broken bone or managing a chronic condition. For more complex situations, we refer to area specialists and hospitals. The benefit of community means our staff can make house calls within the Bruderhof. The doctor often knows everyone in a family and may care for a patient for many years of that patient’s life. 



I chose family practice because I love the idea of accompanying a person from birth to death.”

Dr. Monika Mommsen describes practicing medicine in community.