Community in Paraguay: A Visit to the Bruderhof


From the foreword: 

This is a charming and winsome story of the six month visit of Bob and Shirley Wagoner to the three Bruderhofs in Paraguay, known collectively as Primavera ("springtime" in Spanish). The Wagoners lived in the Primavera Bruderhofs in 1953 while on leave from theological studies at Bethany Theological Seminary in Chicago.  Struggling with the key question - What is the nature of the Church and how does it become fleshed out in concrete daily living? - the Wagoners decided to visit Primavera and immerse themselves in the daily life of the community. Their quest was also propelled by a sense of disenchantment with their experience in the institutional church. In their affiliation with the Church of the Brethren they were disturbed by the gap between its present-day practice and the unwavering commitment to radical discipleship by early Brethren and other Anabaptist leaders. Were the stories they had heard about the Bruderhof true?  What was it really like to live in a community setting among others who willingly denied self for the sake of the Kingdom of Christ? They set out to discover the answers to these and many other questions.

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