A Real Spirit of Love

Angela, age 25, tells about her visit to the Fox Hill Bruderhof.

Video transcript:

My name’s Angela. I'm 25 years old and I’m from the Quad Cities, Illinois. I am interested in gardening, farming, and learning about communities, so I looked up intentional Christian community internships and found out about Koinonia. Through that, there were a few people there from the Bruderhof, and I learned about it, became very interested, and started asking lots of questions.

After reading quite a few books and learning about the history and everything, I emailed someone here at Fox Hill and arranged a visit. I was really inspired by the way the Bruderhof is centered around Christ and has a real spirit of love, and is seeking the Kingdom in a very intentional and practical way together. It’s been a lot to take in because it’s just so many people, but it’s really been amazing just being able to talk to so many people. I mean, I’ll connect and have really good conversations. There wasn’t really anything that I was surprised by except how smoothly life goes it seems, at least from my perspective.

I kind of consider myself an extroverted introvert, so just being around so many people…it’s a very full lifestyle. It was kind of difficult, especially at the beginning, to find time to get away and process what I had been taking in.

When I was looking into the Bruderhof and learning about it as a community, I was encouraged with all the questions I had that the best thing you can do is to come and see, and I would really recommend that people would come and just experience it; experience the spirit that’s here and the lifestyle.

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