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Isabella Chow on her visit to the Bellvale Bruderhof

Video transcript:

I am Isabella Chow. I just graduated from UC Berkeley where I was a Student Senator for a year. I grew up in San Jose, California, and I also lived in Gilroy, California before I moved to Berkeley. So I’ve been in the Bay area of California my entire life. My email address for student government is public, so I received an email from Rachel Mercer. At first, it was just an email of encouragement. She also told me about her sister, Eva., and I said, “Yeah, I’ll pray for Eva.” After that, Rachel started tossing around the idea that I visit Bellvale. Of course, I had no idea what Bellvale Bruderhof is, but I looked it up. It sounded amazing. I’ve never been in New York, so this is my first time here. I really enjoyed my visit here.

That’s how I found out about the Bruderhof. I think it’s amazing. Obviously, it’s a commitment. I think there are people that are called to make that commitment and I really, really respect that. Before I came here, the churches that I saw live out the Acts 2 mandate of sharing and giving everything predominantly did tithing and giving above your tithe to churches or organizations. And churches would often have a fund that would give scholarships to students or provisions for families that are going through hard times, et cetera. In my church, there’s also a culture where it’s not uncommon for somebody to walk up to another individual and say, “Hey, I felt like God wanted me to pay your bills this month,” or something like that, but I’ve never seen a community that invests everything and really shares everything and lives life together in a way like this. It’s really inspiring and eye opening.

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