Like Visiting Family

Leigh Waters on her visit to the Woodcrest Bruderhof

Video transcript:

My name is Leigh Waters and I’m an educator and writer. I first learned of the Bruderhof through my husband, who was working with World Vision. He still works with World Vision in pastoral care nationally. Some beautiful Bruderhof people visited World Vision, and he was one of the people who looked after them there, and they hit it off right away. I think they had a bit of an Australian edge to them. They came home and stayed the night and we made fast friends with them. They were just lots of fun.

Visiting the Bruderhof is like visiting family. They’re very friendly and open. They’re diverse like any group of people, all different personalities, and all different opinions. They have fun. They think deeply. They live out their mission and being with them is peaceful. I just love it.

I was probably quite judgmental when I first met them, although our first meeting with Meg and Manuel dispelled a lot of the things that I was judging them on, especially the women being dressed in a different way than me, which I confess was quite narrow-minded of me. When I accept people from other walks of life, why wouldn’t I just let a thing like a skirt and a scarf go? But, I very quickly learned that these people valued the same things that I valued. They value education. The women do have opinions. The women are strong people, they just choose to be humble in that way and to express themselves that way, just like anyone else expresses themselves through their clothing. So, that was a really good learning experience for me.

I would recommend coming to visit a Bruderhof, just come without too many preconceived ideas. As I said, they’re a group of people living out their faith together, and really Christianity is meant to be expressed in community. It’s not meant to be expressed alone. So coming to the Bruderhof, you get a real feel of what it is to be a Christian people, warts and all.


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