A Different Approach to Life

Leighton tells about his visit to the Fox Hill Bruderhof

Video transcript:

I’m Leighton and I’m 28. I live in Brooklyn and work at a technology startup there. I attend a church in Williamsburg, the neighborhood in Brooklyn where I live.

So, I read an article in the New Yorker that referenced just the name “Bruderhof”. I Googled it, and came to the website. I was very curious about what this was all about, because it’s a pretty unique group of people. I saw Bruderhof for the Day on the website, and just clicked that, and sent an email in saying that I wanted to come on June 3rd.

I was expecting it to be interesting. At minimum, I was expecting to meet a lot of unique people who were living outside of the norms of a lot of people in our society.

But actually in a lot of ways though, I think I found it to be more “normal”. I think we often view people as: “Oh, they're living in a very different way, and so they must be very different.” But it’s actually: “We’re all people, and we might be living in different ways but we’re fundamentally still the same and still have the same emotions that we deal with and the same fears and doubts and things like that.”

I’m currently in a place in my life where I’ve been restless and somewhat disenchanted with the lifestyle that I have, “that lifestyle” meaning a lot of just self–centered activities. I’ve had a big desire to change something, and I haven’t necessarily known what that could look like. I saw the Bruderhof as maybe an extreme example of what that could look like, but at minimum I wanted to explore it. It’s a very stimulating experience, and it will spur your curiosity; it’s a way to explore a different approach to life.

It just feels like this is the way we’re designed and meant to live, and there’s a deep peacefulness about it.


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