Tuesday Youth Discussion

Join young folks from a Bruderhof community each week on Tuesday evenings as we discuss how life in community informs our approach to current issues and hear from you how your life informs yours. Our communities have been around for 100 years, but it’s critical that we keep striving to understand what community means in our time and environment.

We are all familiar with the words of Jesus in John 15:18-19, about living in the world, not of the world, but what does that mean? What is a Christian’s responsibility to the world around us, even as we live as citizens of a different Kingdom? We’ll take the next weeks to explore some topics in relation to this and share our thoughts and beliefs. We look forward to hearing yours!

June 15: Government, the Law, Allegiance Mark 12:17

June 22: War and Nonviolence Matthew 26:52

June 29: Activism, Social Justice Matthew 21:12-13

July 6: A Christian’s response to world need Matthew 26:11