Campfire Conversation

June 30, 2021 by


Thoughts fly like rising sparks, like arcs 
of tiny tracers, or like darting tongues, 
or roving eyes of flame; like shooting stars 
let loose against the chaos and the dark.

The firewood crackles, spits, and flares. 
Gold embers waver, surge, and glow.  
The circled stones warm to their theme. 
One cracks: is it passion or stubbornness?

The towering pine sighs in assent. A daring 
moth flies close – too close – and burns; 
while in the deep, cold grass a solitary cricket 
chirps: brave, incessant, and unmoved.

And far above, the silent planets watch,
traversing the ancient pathways of the sky, 
their steady light drawn from some wordless well 
of wisdom that will far outlast the night.


About the author

Chris and Bea Zimmerman

Chris Zimmerman

Chris and his wife, Bea, live at The Mount, a Bruderhof in Esopus, New York.

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