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The Plough Diet: Prince Noah

August 2, 2016 by

cover of the book The Prince Who Was Just Himself

The narrative of the first book about Noah, a plucky little boy who has two older brothers and also happens to be a prince, makes it perfectly clear that he is not quite the same as other children. Noah’s differences worry his parents and the people of his kingdom, and it is only when a wicked knight threatens to attack and Noah singlehandedly saves his nation from destruction that they realize that a disability can in fact mask an extraordinary ability.

So true; what a great story, I thought, focusing on Noah’s heroics and giving no further thought to what his disability might be. But when I turned to the back of the book and saw information about Down syndrome, I had my own small moment of revelation.

Funny that I didn’t pick up on it in the book’s illustrations or descriptions; I really should have. My family is a feminine replica of Noah’s, complete with two older sisters and our own very special princess. Iris (aka “Princess Pollyanna”) possesses the same traits that enable Noah to disarm the marauding knight: attentiveness to detail and a keen empathy toward strangers. I guess sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees; Iris is just herself to me.

cover of the book Prince Noah and the School Pirates

Written by Silke Schnee, a journalist who bases the book’s primary characters on her three sons – even using their real-life names – The Prince Who Was Just Himself is her battle cry against the stereotypes she encountered when Noah was born. Using tactics similar to the fairytale Noah’s, she gracefully and whimsically tears down the belief that children with disabilities can do nothing of importance.

Prince Noah charmed readers and was so well received that he is back again, starring in a new adventure: Prince Noah and the School Pirates. And starring in a trailer of the new book is none other than my sister Iris. Click on the video below to have her tell you where this story takes Prince Noah. It is a little scary – but don’t worry: there’s a happy ending.

Watch on YouTube.

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(The Prince Who Was Just Himself and Prince Noah and the School Pirates can be purchased here.)

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