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I Have Seen the Hand of God: A Poem

November 20, 2018 by

Very rarely it happens.

The music.

It is a harmony, played softly. Heard, perceived, somewhere between the wind’s whisper through the palm, the screaming, sun-spiraling flight of the hawk, and the thump of distant reggaetón. Music, achingly beautiful, it is the morning star’s exultant song at earth’s creation, echoing across a million years. And touching us, vibrates our very heartstrings.

Often I wonder: why do we seek out the wild, the desolate? What is found in the cliffs, the plains of bare rock where even the lichen goes hungry?

Tobati RocksTobati Rocks in Paraguay

It is because only there the music can touch us, a frequency otherwise turned static by life’s frenetic rush.

But there, in God’s creation, we find his hand. It holds us, cupped in a sure grasp. And as night falls and the sun’s silent arms encircle the earth in a last warm embrace, these hands will never let us fall.

These were my thoughts on a recent trip our youth group made to Tobati, a nearby pueblo whose incredible rock formations are the topic of the following poem.

I have seen the hand of God lying open
Seen the fissured fingers and walked the wrinkled ridges of rough rock.
They are old, these hands, grandfather hands
cut and marred, yes perfected
by time’s passage.
And here across his broad palm we walk
Our spirits screaming with the circling hawk
Knowing that throughout life’s rocky plain
These loving hands will hold us close again.

Vincent Moody, age twenty, lives at Villa Primavera, a Bruderhof in Asunción, Paraguay. He teaches English and is learning Spanish. He also works on plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning systems (good business in the wilting heat of the Paraguayan sun).


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