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Following Jesus

Against Snark; For Joy

October 6, 2017 by

In this week’s “Life Together” podcast, Marianne leads off a discussion of an article about joy: who needs it? We discuss some practical ways to have joy together. Next, Bernard clarifies how, as a moneyless pauper under a vow of poverty, he would go about procuring a particular book that he wants. Following updates on what’s happening around various Bruderhof communities there is an interview with Sir Paul Coleridge on marriage and family. Finally, as we continue our discussion of our spiritual forerunners, we ponder the importance of Thomas a Kempis and Meister Eckhardt. 

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 Here are the articles, books, film, and music mentioned in this podcast: 

“The Right Needs Joy” by Felix Miller

G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown books

“The Two Voices” by Tennyson

The Gospel in George MacDonald

“The Shepherd” of Hermas

“This Is My Father’s World” 

Marriage Foundation

Interview with Robert P. George about marriage

Cheap Sex by Mark Regnerus

“Forerunners” from Foundations of our Faith and Calling

G.K. Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday

Meister Eckhardt on

Remarriage Is Adultery Unless. . . by David Pawson

“God Bless the Grass” by Malvina Reynolds

“Milwaukee 53206” film blog post about Derrick Jamison

If you've missed previous episodes, here's our playlist:

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  • Greetings to you three! I've listened to all your podcasts and last summer visited Woodcrest for 5 days and Darville for one. Coming for a visit changed how I look at everything, and if my life and family were a bit different, I could do more than visit. (Clearly, you need a community in Oregon!) Your podcasts are great, and very thoughtful indeed. Having visited, I think they give a very accurate picture of life in community. I have a thought for a future podcast. The other day I was looking at the New York Times, and read an article telling me that fully 1 in 10 school students in NYC is homeless. Clearly this is like an epidemic sweeping our land. In Oregon it's the same. Our society is badly broken. What answers do you on the Bruderhof see? I know there are members of the Bruderhof with homelessness in their personal background. What can we do beyond volunteering at shelters when society simply wants the problem to go away or go somewhere else?

    Ben Slothower
  • Hi Harb, that's a great question. Rather than give a real short answer here, let's see if we can address that on a future podcast.

    Red Zimmerman
  • Hi I'm a Christian and the thought of living a commune lifestyle as you, is somewhat interesting and admirable. However, how do you avoid people taking advantage of you. How do you avoid catering for people who only care to be supported, who still want their own life and still care for their own concerns? Thanks