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Mankind Is Not My Neighbor

December 4, 2019 by

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The Good Samaritan, detail, by Gustave Moreau
Randall Gauger with his wife, Linda

Randall Gauger

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Conflict of Faith: Are God and Democracy Mutually Exclusive?

November 1, 2019 by

I won’t lie: when the initial flurry of headlines appeared about presidential indiscretions in international phone calls...

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Where Do You Find God?

October 15, 2019 by

As a junior studying Literature at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, I do a lot of writing. Last week one of...

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My Summer at the Border

October 4, 2019 by

The first few times I gave this explanation I was surprised by the lack of a negative reaction to my work here. From what...

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