A Response to the Overturning of Roe v Wade

June 24, 2022 by

The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v Wade in what is likely the most polarizing and emotional ruling of recent years. Many will debate the clarity, courage, and correctness of this decision. I am relieved that killing the unborn is no longer protected as a right by the highest court of the land.

But this ruling will not end controversy or the tragic loss of many lives by abortion, nor will it save women from suffering the pain and consequences of unwanted pregnancies. Some states will pass, or attempt to pass, laws that aggressively punish women who seek abortions. On the other hand, states including my home state of New York will hasten to pass poorly considered and politically motivated laws that provide unfettered access to abortion. Neither legislative approach will solve this very real and difficult problem.

Unwanted pregnancies reflect so many lives lived without meaning and enslaved to gods other than the true and living God. This moment is an opportunity for all of us to strengthen our resolve to live in accordance with God’s will, including in our relationships. So many wrongs besides abortion have taken us to this point as a society, not least of which is the unwillingness of many men to take responsibilities for their actions and stand ready to support the mothers of their children. Societal brokenness won’t be fixed with laws and force, but with love and truth. I hope we will unite in love and respect for life, and engage in the hard work of healing and building a society. After all, God is a God of creation and life. Let’s protect and celebrate it.

For more read Where Every Child Is Wanted by J. Heinrich Arnold.


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