No Outrage over War and Economic Inequality?

December 13, 2017 by

I am distressed by our nation’s obsession with the inappropriate sexual behavior of numerous men. Important as it is to face up to that problem (which unfortunately is not new at all), are we equally indignant over the unjustified wars and the unjustified and heartless tax bill that just passed in our Senate?

Yes, we need to make our workplaces, public areas, and our entire society a safer place for women to work and live. And more broadly, we need to face up to the widespread degradation of morals in our society that corrode family and personal lives, and that are the very basis of a functioning society.

But why isn’t the mainstream media expressing a similar interest in America’s wars, which are outrageously expensive not only in dollars but also in lives? Our failure to be peacemakers is just as evil and devastating as our failure in the sexual sphere. There are some groups protesting drones or other facets of the military-industrial complex. But overall our country has gotten used to these remote wars as a way of life, especially since there isn’t a draft interrupting our lives.

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And regarding the recently-passed tax plan, are the majority’s thoughts about this bill being effectively expressed in Congress? It doesn’t seem so, and to my knowledge, the media coverage downplays the levels of opposition to the tax bill.

It’s hard to decide which of these three dangers to our public life is the most serious: inappropriate sexual behavior, unjustifiable war, or a tax structure that leaves millions without the basic necessities.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Jesus told us long ago that war, wealth, and the misuse of sex – as well as the lying that pervades these three spheres – are the devil’s favorite tools for misleading the human race. But we need not be misled. In this season of Advent, we are reminded that Jesus holds the answer to these challenges. Those of us in Christian churches should be especially active in teaching – and living – the application of the Sermon on the Mount in the twenty-first century. Let’s listen to his words and be led by his spirit. It’s the only thing that makes life worth living.


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  • Edward, thanks for your comment. I tried the other path of usual politics: rallies, demonstrations, voting, and visiting Congresspeople... and found that it was not only ineffective, but I began to feel uncomfortable telling other people what to do instead of doing it myself. That's why I joined this church community. And I still write and visit my Congressmembers! Come visit us and see for yourself!

    Milton Zimmerman
  • Your Voices Blog is bringing truth & much to reflect on & pray about! Thanks, in Jesus!

    Pat Wieczynski
  • You are so right about the wars and most of us going through basic needs. I was so against the war in Iraq which destabilized the middle east and not taking care of Isis when it was only 10000 strong. I blame Bush and Obama. I hope Trump does not cause upheaval in the South China Seas. I worry about all the children. The other day my electricity went off for two hours and the first thing that came to my mind was all the people in Syria and Iraq without water and electricity.

  • Milton, I like your broadening the scope of our human concern. Your witness to chastity, peace and sharing is also exemplary, but the nature of your witness disqualifies you from participating in the democratic process of working for peace and a just economic order.

    edward hearn