Life in Community

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Life in Community

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

July 4, 2019 by

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Norann Voll

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Following Jesus

Why I Joined the Bruderhof

July 18, 2019 by

When I started down the road of Christian discipleship, I wore lots of makeup, I wore bikinis, and knew every secular rock...

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Life in Community

A Matter of Semantics or Is It Life and Death?

July 2, 2019 by

A vision emerged from our weekend together: a vision of our church rejecting the urge to dichotomize mission and shepherding...

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Life in Community

Song of the Month for June 2019: The Mountains Hold Their Secrets

June 28, 2019 by

It’s almost the end of June, and if you haven’t hit the mountain trails yet this summer, you are either unconscionably busy...

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