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Autumn in the Catskill Mountains

October 8, 2019 by

lovely fall waterfall

October again. In the Catskill Mountains, nature is pulling out the stops one by one, building in a colorful crescendo toward the grand finale of the season. Morning mists rise to reveal a sky like a pool of light. Cloud shadows slide across the slopes as the wind catches the vibrant leaves of the maples and hurls them like glowing sparks into the air. It’s hard to resist the temptation to filch one of those almost-ripe apples from the neighbors’ favorite tree.

“Look,” my six-year-old nephew said to me the other day. “Geese!”

There they were, high against the blue sky overhead – one “V” formation, and then another. Momentarily caught in a powerful wind current, they wheeled and scattered in every direction. One group headed resolutely east. Several stragglers made wide frantic circles before dashing off to the southwest. It looked as if they had no clue where they were going.

He laughed. “Maybe they’re just practicing for the real thing…”

It will only be a matter of days before they turn unerringly to the south. The once bright leaves will fall and rustle underfoot, or swirl away in the eddies of the mountain streams as the days grow shorter and the nights colder. Winter is coming. But now is the moment to savor the last resonant chords of the symphony.

View the photographs in full view for the full fall effect!

Photographs are by Britta Wareham, who lives at Platte Clove, a Bruderhof in the Catskill Mountains.


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  • Thank you Britta ,there is nothing like it.Becky

    Becky Durgin
  • Breathtaking, beautiful pictures Britta and thanks for sharing - how wonderful to be surrounded by such manifestations of nature.

    Freya Marshall
  • Beautiful pictures. The area looks very much like here in southwest Pennsylvania. I am about ten miles from the New Meadow Run and Spring Valley communities.

    Susan Miller