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Citrus Season (Part II)

October 9, 2017 by

Two years ago I wrote about finding the patience to wait for the citrus harvest. Here’s the next phase of the season that’s unfolding right now in my backyard.

There is this amazing moment at the end of the citrus season when the fruit and flower are on the tree at the same time. The harvest hasn’t even ended and the new baby-fruit is already beginning.

An orange on a tree 

It startles me every time I observe the ready-to-pick fruit alongside of the white, sweet-scented flowers. Blossoms so delicate the slightest rain will break them, blood oranges and grapefruit so robust and ready they fall into your hand at the first touch. After a night of wind, you can find the hail-scarred, drought-defying old-timers at the base of the tree. In their moment of grace they’ve made room for the new growth.

Each tree type is different – the fruit readies at its own time, the flowers emerge in theirs and there is the wonder of each tree journeying alone.

It reminds me that so often life is like that orange tree – a series of beginnings and endings, ripenings and new flowers, all at the same time. A constant struggle to accept the abundance of newness amid the pain of letting go.

Often I wish it wasn’t like that; I want things to be clean and neat. Cut and dried. Beginnings and endings neatly parceled, finished with zero overlap.  Today, I’m thankful for this reminder that life cannot be compartmentalized. Our God is always busy writing new chapters even when we think the last one isn’t finished. 



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Norann Voll

Norann Voll lived in New York’s Hudson Valley until moving to the Danthonia Bruderhof in New South Wales, Australia in 2002...

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  • Thank you, Heather. You and your family are an enduring example of weathering some of the toughest seasons imaginable. Through the lessons of those storms you now bless others. Norann

    Norann Voll
  • This is such a heart-warming message. Worded perfectly to express a struggle most of us have, processing the traumas in life. Yes, each tree journeys alone, and each person's life is unique. But it is a profoundly beautiful comfort, to be reminded that 'our God is always busy writing new chapters even when we think the last one isn't finished.' Such a sense of hope. When all looks dark, the Father is already preparing the light for the next part of our journey. Thankyou Norann. I love the way you choose just the right words to express what I find hard to say. Love, Heather.

    Heather Kerridge
  • I'm growing in interest of the Bruderhof Community and am seeking info. TY and For Reaching Out

    Carole Barnes