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Heavenly Powers

September 29, 2015 by

Looking at stars through light pollution is like trying to look in the mirror right after a hot shower. Real stargazers wrap blankets and trash bags around themselves and find a clearing in the woods. They fling themselves down in the cold, dewy grass with a brilliantly jeweled sky above them and watch the great dance of the universe until morning.

a starry night sky

I’ve been stargazing often recently. Sometimes I feel as though I’m trapped in my narrow, petty life while the world explodes around me. I should be in Nigeria, comforting bereaved mothers. I should be in Texas helping desperate Mexicans cross the border to safety. I should be in Lesbos, rescuing those innocent refugees from drowning and helping them feel welcome as they arrive on shore.

But I’m not. I’m cleaning bathrooms and restocking paper towels. So whenever the walls of my world close in around me, I run away to find the sky. Suddenly, with that glorious dome above me, I feel myself shrinking. Lovingly, my Father in Heaven tells me that He is in control. Who am I to think that I can change the world? Those stars are a thousand times bigger than this little world I am lying on and God has placed each one of them in the sky. I marvel that this small world, which God created in six days, receives so much of His love.

I don’t need to worry, because God had a plan for this world since the beginning of time. These same stars I am watching once heralded the visitation of God’s Son. A powerful comet in the east led wise men and shepherds to a stable, and told all people that they had been redeemed.

As I keep watching the stars, I remember the story of Abraham and how God told him that his descendants would outnumber the stars in the sky. Now Abraham’s descendants fight for supremacy. Ishmael’s children war with Isaac’s children and my country fuels the raging inferno. Yet somehow, this is all part of God’s plan.

I believe that the violence in the Middle East parallels a great war in the stars themselves. The angels of God and the angels of Satan are fighting for the universe. Each soul that leaves this world joins the battle in the heavens. Someday God will create a new Heaven and a new Earth, but before that, the whole universe must be won for God’s kingdom. The earth is still dark, controlled by Satan, but God kindles little flames every day to join in the fight so that all darkness will be swallowed up in the Holy Fire at the end of time.

That’s why I watch the stars. Some night I might see them start to fall one by one. Then the trumpet will sound and the glory of God will lift me up and engulf the world at last. Satan will be finished forever. There will be no more death, no more pain, no more war, no more tears, and we’ll all join the angels and stars singing “Glory Hallelujah!”


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Esther Keiderling

Esther Keiderling

Esther Keiderling lives and works at the Woodcrest Bruderhof.

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  • Hi Esther, What a lovely story & thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Remember God plants us were we are most needed. Right now He feels you are needed cleaning bathrooms & replenishing paper towels. In time, as we all do, we realize that sometimes when things seem unimportant, like the stars we realize just how important they are. You are so right when you say, God is in control and He has a plan. We may not always understand, but we will one day. Thanks again for sharing and remember you are loved always.

    Blanche & Greg Hurlbutt
  • This is a beautiful piece! Thank you for sharing it. I am sure you will discover your own way of becoming one of those little flames working for good in the world.

    Eve Gendron