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The little goats are here – all three are growing well. Daisy is a good mother with enough milk for the lot of them. They are not shy, as they have been handled since the morning they were born, and the sixth-grade girl who looks after them loves animals. Once the kids are ready to leave their mum, milking can begin and then comes the cheese-making. Last year some tasty Mozarella came out of this operation.

Animals are a great project for children, if a parent is willing to put in the time to make it happen safely and happily. It’s easy for a child on her own to feel overwhelmed by the level of care and maintenance that a larger animal requires, as I remember feeling sometimes with my ponies. But when given support, it’s an excellent opportunity for a child to learn responsibility and a healthy independence.

I was happy sketching and painting this lively goat family. Life seemed unusually uncomplicated as I sat by their pen for over an hour, enjoying their antics.

Babygoats1Mum lies down for a well- earned rest . . . but look what happens!”

babygoats2Pencil and watercolor sketch.


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