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Skipping Stones

August 26, 2020 by

Here are a grandfather and a boy, searching for just the right small flat stones to skip.

Grandfather can make his jump three or four times across the stream. The boy is new to this sport, and his stones still go plop and disappear. But with a little practice he’ll get it.

Along comes dad. He learned this trick many years ago from the same teacher. With a strong thrust his stone jumps nine times, all the way to the other side, raising a trail of delicate splashes as it goes. The boy shouts with delight.

So don’t forget to skip stones while summer lasts – it’s really important!

Pauline Harrison artworkLightening sketch at the site, color added later


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Pauline Harrison

Pauline Harrison

Pauline Harrison lives with her husband Mark at Platte Clove.

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