Song of Thanks

November 26, 2015 by

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November is the month of Thanksgiving. Unlike Christmas and Easter, it’s not a holiday that lends itself to a lot of singing – perhaps because we’re all so full of turkey. But we usually manage to belt out a few old favorites, among them Fields of Corn Give Up Your Ears, We Plough the Fields and Scatter, and Over the River and Through the Woods (not exactly a hymn, I know).

For our November Song of the Month, we’ve chosen a lesser-known song: Thanks to the Lord. Originally from Germany, with lyrics by Karl Herrosee and a tune by Karl Schulz, the simple words (based on the first lines of Psalm 136) express all that needs to be expressed as we give thanks.

Thanks to the Lord,
Give thanks to the Lord,
For he is kindly,
and his great goodness stands eternally,
For all eternity.
Praise to the Lord,
Give praise to the Lord,
And, oh my soul,
do not forget the good things he has done,
The good things he has done.
Sing to the Lord!
We sing to the Lord
In joyful chorus,
And he accepts the praise we sing to him,
The praise we sing to him.

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