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Song of the Month for April 2019: Winter Is Gone

April 17, 2019 by

Easter, at least here in the northern hemisphere, falls fittingly in the season of spring when everything is coming to life again after the long winter. That’s a symbolism celebrated in many of the Bruderhof’s Easter hymns, original and collected. This month’s featured song, written by Bruderhof member Sylvia Beels in 1975, is a favorite among the kids – not least because the litany of flora and fauna begs for some ad-libbing on the verses.

Enjoy this version of “Winter Is Gone,” performed by the McKernan family:

Listen on SoundCloud.

Winter is gone, so dark and cold,
When all the trees looked bare and old.
Tiny leaves are springing, little birds are singing,
Flower buds are showing everywhere.
Joy, joy! The earth begins to sing
To greet the Lord Jesus, our risen king.
After the storm winds, ice, and snow,
When little creatures slept below,
Squirrels come a-leaping, little frogs are peeping,
Baby ducks are swimming in the stream.
Joy, joy! The earth begins to sing
To greet the Lord Jesus, our risen king.

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